Você Pode me Pegar? Learn More About the Verb Pegar


I wrote about the verb Pegar before. In one of my posts I showed you five handy expressions with Pegar. On a second article, I discussed a common mistake in using the verb. This post will focus on yet another useful meaning of the verb Pegar.

The picture above says:

  • Você pode me pegar no aeroporto?

           = Can you pick me up at the airport?

Pegar = to pick up, to get

Additional examples with the verb Pegar to help you with your Portuguese:

  • Eu te pego no trabalho às 6 para ir jantar.

           = I will pick you up at work at 6 to go have dinner.

  • Você pegou as roupas na lavanderia?

           = Did you pick up the clothes at the cleaners?

  • Desculpem. Estou atrasado. Tive que pegar as crianças na escola.

           = I’m sorry. I am late. I had to pick up the kids at school.

  • Preciso sair um pouco mais cedo hoje para pegar um pacote no correio.

           = I need to leave a little early today to pick up a package at the post office.


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