Translated Lyrics: São Jorge by Metá Metá

Metá Metá: Thiago França, Juçara Marçal e Kiko Dinucci

Our translated lyrics this week are about São Jorge = St. George.  The song is performed by Brazilian band Metá Metá. You can listen to the song in episode 319 of the Caipirinha Appreciation Sociey podcast. And remember to download your translated lyrics below.

São Jorge is a highly celebrated saint in several parts of the world. In Brazil, São Jorge is equally celebrated by both Catholics and followers of Afro-Brazilian religions who know him as Oxossim or Ogum. The traditional legends portray São Jorge on his horse holding his sword and slaying dragons to save the princess. Afro-Brazilian tradition says that the spots we see on the moon are the miraculous saint on his horse holding his sword ready to defend those who seek his protection. I personally love this legend.

São Jorge has been sung by many Brazilian artists. Examples of popular songs that praise the saint are Jorge da Capadócia, by Jorge Ben, and Ogum, by Zeca Pagodinho. The videos are below.

Enjoy great music and learn more about São Jorge with this 2010 episode of Caipirinha Appreciation Society: Salve Jorge! = Hail George! 


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