Translated Lyrics: Fingimento, by Trio Pouca Chinfra

Singing is a great way to improve your speaking skills. Here is your weekly translated lyrics from Caipirinha Appreciation Society‘s podcast: Fingimento, by Trio Pouca Chinfra, a samba group from Recife. The song is in episode 315 of the podcast: Ebb and Flow = Fluxo e Refluxo.

Trio Pouca Chinfra
by Trio Pouca Chinfra

Você finge até chora
Joga conversa fora
Diz que vai se redimir
Bebendo toda hora,
Jogando a vida fora
Sem rumo por aí


Toda noite em claro
cachaça, fumo, baralho
Embriagada de ilusão
Mas não tem mais jeito, eu já desfiz o feito
Saravei meu coração
Vou cuidar de mim
Esquecer talvez , caio mais nessa não.


Já dei conta do recado, mas não tive apreço
Mereço ao menos versos de amor
Porque carinho nunca é de menos
E os teus seios tão pequenos
Na minha boca viram flor


Depois me deixe em paz
Vai cultuar teus deuses,
Teus amigos e fregueses
Depois me deixe em paz
Porque esse fingimento não conhece esse meu lamento (2X)
Não convence um só momento, fingimento

You pretend even cry
You shoot the breeze
You say you’re going to make amends
Drinking all the time,
Wasting your life
Aimless out there


Pulling all-nighters every night
Cachaça(1), smoke, card games
Drunk in illusion
But it’s hopeless, I’ve already undone the deed
I’ve protected2 my heart
I’m going to take care of myself
Maybe forget, I won’t fall for this anymore


I’ve delivered the goods, but got no appreciation
I deserve at least love verses
Because affection is never too little
And your breasts so small
In my mouth become flower


Then leave me alone
Go worship your gods,
Your friends and clients,
Then leave me alone
Because this pretense doesn’t know my lament (2X)
It doesn’t convince me for one instant, pretense

(1) Cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice. It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil. Street vendors selling cachaça and lemonade are a common beach scene in Brazil. Visit our blog to learn how to make caipirinha, Brazil’s most popular cocktail.

(2) Saravá: Learners of Portuguese quickly become acquainted with the word Axé, used as a positive greeting wishing good energy to friends. Saravá can be used the same way. The term is used in African-Brazilian religions as a mantra and means: SA-(Strength, Lord); RA-(To Reign, Movement); VÁ (Nature, Energy). Used as a mantra it is believed to fix or dispel negative vibrations. In the song, it was used as a verb in the past tense.

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