Translated Lyrics: Ando Ocupado, by Affonso Moraes

Affonso Moraes

Here is your weekly translated lyrics from Caipirinha Appreciation Society‘s podcast: Ando Ocupado, um sambinha muito gostoso by Affonso Moraes. Mr Affonso Moraes recorded his first album at 72 years of age. The video below, recorded by someone in the audience, is the only available video of this song. Very precious. 


We hope you enjoy this opportunity to know more about Brazilian music and culture. We offer you cultural notes with the translations to make your journey even richer. You will also learn a lot of Street Smart vocabulary. I strongly suggest that you sing aloud: It is a great way to practice pronunciation and work on your fluency.

Today’s song is in episode 314 – Beautiful, of Caipirinha Appreciation Society.

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Ando Ocupado
Affonso Moraes
I’ve Been Busy
by Affonso Moraes

Pra ver jogo de bola já não tenho tempo.

Tento ir à escola, mas apenas tento.


Ando ocupado,
ando ocupado,
ando ocupado,
só vendo você (bis).


O guarda apita, o pedestre hesita, eu furo o farol.
A multa é à toa, não me tira da boa, é dia de sol.
A praia está apinhada de mulher pelada,
menino tá vendendo pinga e limonada.


Volto pra casa, ligo a TV,
peito em brasa,
vazio como quê.
Ai como eu queria me quisesse você;
ai como eu queria me quisesse você.



I no longer have time to watch soccer.

I try to go to school, but I just try.


I’ve been busy (1),
I’ve been busy,
I’ve been busy,
only seeing you (repeat).


The traffic cop blows his whistle, the pedestrian hesitates, I run a red light.
The ticket is in vain, it doesn’t break my good mood, it’s a sunny day.
The beach is full of naked women,
The boy is selling cachaça (2) and lemonade.


I go back home, turn on the TV,
chest burning,
very empty.
Oh how I wish you wanted me,
Oh how I wish you wanted me.

(1) The verb Andar can be used as an auxiliary verb to express an ongoing situation. Examples:

  • Ando cansado. = I’ve been tired.
  • Eles andam ocupados. = They’ve been busy.
  • Maria anda trabalhando muito. = Maria has been working a lot.


(2) Cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice. It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil. Visit our blog to learn how to make caipirinha, Brazil’s most popular cocktail.

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