Understand How to Use Em, No, Na in Portuguese

Navigating Portuguese Prepositions: Em, No, Na in Portuguese

Portuguese learners often find themselves entangled in the intricate web of prepositions. In this lesson, I hope to demystify the use of em, no, na in Portuguese. These are crucial prepositions in the Portuguese language.

How to Say To Start Doing Something in Portuguese

Portuguese lesson on How to Say To Start Doing Something in Portuguese

Learn how to say to start doing something in Portuguese. No, we do not use the -ING conjugation to say it. A literal translation here will render incorrect Portuguese. This is one of those simple things that give a lot of trouble to learners of Portuguese. After this lesson you will no longer make mistakes […]

De São Paulo, Do Brasil – Learn How to Say It Right in Portuguese

Learn the correct preposition in Portuguese - Portuguese lesson

Maria é do Brasil. Maria é de São Paulo. Maria está no Brasil. Ela está em São Paulo. Confused with the use of prepositions in Portuguese? Don’t be! This lesson is all about demystifying the use of Portuguese prepositions with countries, cities, and states. I hope this lesson will answer many questions and make things much […]