How To Dominate Portuguese Slang Like a Boss!

Everyone wants to sound good when speaking a foreign language. And everyone is self-conscious of sounding like they’re speaking from a textbook. Learning slang, colloquialisms, and idioms is a fun and engaging way to get excited about delving into a language. Plus, it keeps us from sounding overly formal when talking to natives. The teachers at Street Smart Brazil can teach you perfect Portuguese […]

5 Slangs I Learned in Porto Alegre

One of the coolest things about traveling around Brazil is learning about regional differences in Portuguese. Each state has its own distinct flavor of Portuguese with its own accent and slang. The differences between some regions are so pronounced that sometimes Brazilians can’t even understand each other.

Recently I got to experience the dialect spoken by the Gaúchos, the people from Rio Grande do Sul. On a short trip I made to Porto Alegre I learned several regional slangs that I want to share with you today.