12 Ways to Say You are Welcome in Brazil – Portuguese lesson

Learn 12 ways to say You are Welcome in Portuguese. You may be wondering: Why do I need 12 ways to say it? Because Brazilians will use all these different ways, and you want to understand it when people say that you are welcome. I will also give you pronunciation tips along the lesson. I […]

How to Say More and More and Less and Less in Portuguese

How to say More and More - Less and Less in Portuguese - Portuguese lesson

Here is a very useful structure in Portuguese:

  • Cada vez mais = more and more; literally: each time more
  • Cada vez menos = less and less; literally: each time less

The examples below will get you ready to use your new Portuguese language structure. I will organize the examples in three sections:

  1. Cada vez mais
  2. Cada vez menos
  3. Special cases


To Borrow and To Lend: Say It in Portuguese


I was listening to a couple of CDs that a friend recently lent me and it occurred to me how rare it is these days to borrow CDs. Do you remember the times before the MP3? Borrowing and lending music was a common practice. I even remember the classic line, “I don’t lend my CDs to anyone”. Now everything is in our computers and that interaction of lending and borrowing music is mostly gone. Luckily we can still lend and borrow books, even the digital ones. So, hey, you can lend my book to your friends and help them with their Portuguese :)

Dar-se bem: To get along well & To do well

I recently posted  the pictures below on our Facebook pageDar-se bem is a common idiomatic expression in Brazilian Portuguese. It has two different translations to English, and for each meaning, a different preposition is used. I am sure that this will be useful to all learners of Portuguese.

Notice that the verb is used with the reflexive pronoun in these expressions.

How to Say To Scavenge & Hunt in Portuguese

The other day I was at a language meetup talking to a Brazilian next to me about vocabulary related to animal behavior when she suddenly asked what “scavenge” means. It turns out that there are several ways to translate it, but it is not that easy to find a literal translation. In this post I […]

How to Say Honk the Horn & Use the Turn Signal in Portuguese

Are you planning to drive in Brazil? Many foreigners find it challenging to drive in Brazil. They say traffic is too crazy, cars drive very close to each other, and people drive more aggressively. It is difficult to disagree with these comments. Driving in Brazil feels very different from driving here in the San Francisco Bay […]