Fique de olho: Brazilian Portuguese Words & Expressions that are Good to Know

In my third “From the Headlines” series, I’ll show you another exercise on how to learn Brazilian Portuguese from the news. This time, I’ll cover a headline from Globo! It has a great colloquial expression and I will also get into other words to expand your vocabulary. This is a simple exercise to learn Brazilian Portuguese from […]

Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs – Apesar de Você

Here is our new lesson from the series Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs. In this lesson we use the song Apesar de Você, by the brilliant Chico Buarque. This is a beautiful and moving samba. It is a heart to heart conversation between the artist and the dictatorial, violent, oppressive Brazilian government of the time. Below is our lesson, and below it a powerful video of the song with pictures of protests during the dictatorship. This video never fails to move me. The lyrics are at the end of post.

Moro aqui há 2 anos. Befriend the Verb Haver

Janaína and Frank are chatting during their coffee break:

Frank:    De onde você é?
             = Where are you from?

Janaína: Sou de Natal.
              = I’m from Natal.

Frank:    Há quanto tempo você mora aqui?
              = How long have you been living here?

Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs – Video 4

In this lesson we use the song Eu Vou Estar, by Brazilian band Capital Inicial, to teach you Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, give you a couple of important grammar tips, and help your Portuguese become even more Street Smart.