Obrigado Por or Para? How to say thank you in Portuguese – Portuguese lesson

Portuguese lesson - Obrigada por or Obrigado para - Learn to say thank you in Portuguese

Learn Portuguese: Por or Para? How to give thanks in Portuguese

In this Portuguese lesson I will show you how to use the correct preposition to thank people for something they have done for you.

I often see advanced Portuguese speakers making mistakes when saying simple things such as “Thank you for the information” or “Thank you for helping me.” Starting today, you will be able to always say it right. In the video, I will also give you and important pronunciation tips.

Obrigado and Obrigada: How to say Thank You in Portuguese

Portuguese lesson - how to say thank you in Portuguese - Obrigado or Obrigada

  It is very easy to say thank you in Portuguese correctly. Yet, I see so much confusion around this topic, including among Brazilians. The fact the many Brazilians do not remember this very simple rule and use it incorrectly certainly does not help Portuguese learners. Today you will understand why you need to say […]