Brazilian Culture: Cacuriá – When you think the party is over in Brazil


In Brazil it’s never too late or too early to prepare for festivities, especially when they’ve got many layers to them. The June parties of Brazil cover a variety of celebrations that occur during the month after which they are named. Of course, it also depends on which state you find yourself in because some celebrations pertain to certain states. One of those “festas”, found in Maranhão, is called the Festa do Espírito Santo, but it’s not the party, per se, that I wish to talk about. It’s what happens when it ends.

Meet Mestre Vitalino


Mestre Vitalino was a man who never saw himself as an artist or master yet he always was one. He spent the 50-odd years of his life making clay figurinhas, although he was also an artisan, musician, actor and writer. He was a man of many talents and both his legacy and influence remain strong throughout Brazil.