The Good Example Award


Since 2010, a group in Minas Gerais made up of foundations, media outlets and business people has been handing out an annual award to people who act to improve the communities they live in. It’s called Prêmio Bom Exemplo de Cidadania (Good Example of Citizenship Award).

A committee selects people across eight categories who have been nominated for the award and lets the public nominate people for the ninth category of citizenship, then they narrow the final category down to 5 finalists. The citizenship finalists for 2013 have already been chosen and the winner will be announced on May 14th.

Why Mineiros Never Miss The Train


From their artisan cheese to their coffee and cachaça, Mineiros (residents of Minas Gerais) are well-known throughout Brazil for their food and drink. Their habits extend to not only what goes into their mouth, but what comes out of it. Let’s take a little look at two terms that Mineiros made famous: uai and trem.