How Speaking the Language Helps Break Cultural Barriers

Going to work in a foreign country can be exciting and nerve-wracking, fun and scary. Cultural barriers are a very real thing that can make the experience that much harder. So it is important to rely on a set of strategies to break cultural barriers and make it easier to live and do business in […]

Brazilian Culture: Accents Galore in Brazil

(It says there are many accents in Brazil thus everyone should respect each others)

One thing that has always surprised me about Brazil is the number of accents one can find from region to region and state to state. It often feels obligatory, among Brazilians, to mention certain regionalisms when being introduced in a social setting to someone from elsewhere in Brazil. The differences especially enter the conversation when it's found out that someone is from Southern Brazil, Rio, Bahia and, at times, São Paulo.

AngloINFO – Information for Expats Worldwide, in English

The fact that you are browsing around on Street Smart Brazil indicates that you are interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese, and possibly thinking about moving permanently or temporarily to Brazil.

Moving to another country is a huge step and finding a good source of information about all the practical and administrative aspects of such an endeavour is like finding a gold mine (I know, because I have been there and done that).

You will end up asking yourself questions such as:

Rio de Janeiro is So Much More

I was on Reddit, a popular crowd-sourced news site when I noticed one of the breathtaking photos of Rio, shot from atop the highest point at Sugarloaf Mountain. Of the more than 500 comments it garnered, the most interesting, or rather surprising, were by a mix of about 10-15 people made up of Brazilians and non-Brazilians, with all of them basically saying “Rio = favelas”. Of the non-Brazilians commenting, half of them had been to the city. One of them vaguely mentioned something about ATMs being blown up by gangs, and another, of his love for the city but his absolute fear for his safety. The most level-headed response was by a Brazilian who acknowledged Rio’s pluses and minuses, which any city has.

Brazilian Buses: The Pros and Cons of the Cobrador

If you’ve been to Brazil, it’s likely you’ve taken a bus. If so, you’ve met the cobrador, or fare-taker. The position provides employment for as many fare-takers as there are bus drivers in the country, but the real question is: are they necessary? Both sides have been debated for at least the last several years (maybe even longer).