12 Ways to Say You are Welcome in Brazil – Portuguese lesson

Learn 12 ways to say You are Welcome in Portuguese. You may be wondering: Why do I need 12 ways to say it? Because Brazilians will use all these different ways, and you want to understand it when people say that you are welcome. I will also give you pronunciation tips along the lesson. I […]

Fuleiro: Everyday Brazilian Portuguese

Fuleiro - Everyday Brazilian Portuguese. Portuguese lesson by Street Smart Brazil.

Here’s another word that you may not find in books and magazines too often, but that Brazilians use regularly: fuleiro. In this post, I tell you what fuleiro means, provide examples using the word, and you can learn the pronunciation of fuleiro with the video below.

How to Use the Verb Preferir + 4 Power Tips to Avoid Mistakes

After this lesson, you will be able to use the verb Preferir (to prefer) correctly in a sentence. I will show you the conjugation of the verb Preferir in the present tense and will give you examples and 4 power tips to use it correctly and avoid common mistakes. How to Use the Verb Preferir I saw the […]

How to Say You Made my Day in Portuguese

In English you can express joy and gratitude by saying You made my day. How would you say You made my day in Portuguese? In Brazil we’d say: Ganhei o dia. Literal translation: I won the day. Below are a few examples so you can learn how to say You made my day in Portuguese. Tip: […]

Brazilian Portuguese: Using “de”

Sometimes during the language learning process, it’s something rather simple that messes with your head and makes you second-guess yourself. When learning Brazilian Portuguese, I remember how the simple word de would trip me up. Sometimes it was as simple as knowing when to use do or da. Sure, there are types of people who throw […]

Learn Portuguese: How to say 2 months ago vs. In 2 months – with video

Learn Portuguese: How to say 2 months ago vs. In 2 months

This lesson will teach you something that so many Brazilians get wrong every day. This is going to make a big difference in your written Portuguese. Especially if you use or intend to use Portuguese at work, you should learn this once and for all. It is simple. There really is no reason to get it wrong.

Let's see how you say 2 months ago versus how you say in 2 months in Portuguese