Lapa: It's Never Too Late


Despite being in Rio for many, many months, I had only spent one night in Lapa. For those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood, it’s the place to be on Friday nights in Rio. It’s a place that is popular among a wide spectrum of people. You name it, you’ll see it…rockers, hipsters, hippies, homeless, addicts, and anyone else with an alternative lifestyle.

Diving Into the Rio Carioca

Rising at the base of Corcovado in the neighborhood of Cosme Velho and emptying into Guaranabara Bay from the Praia de Flamengo, the Rio Carioca has a history that parallels that of the city. As a freshwater river, the Rio Carioca quenched the thirst of the Indians, French, Flemish, Portuguese and Brazilians, all the while becoming a strategic point of interest as well as the setting of much discord.