6 Awesome Things You Can Only Do in Brazil

What are some distinctly Brazilian pastimes? How about business practices unique to the country? Inquiring minds want to know… and we’re here to answer! Become a pro in Brazilian culture. Check out six things you’ll only do in Brazil: 1. Greet Your Co-Workers With a Kiss on the Cheek A kiss on each cheek is common […]

Tudo Bem in Portuguese – How to Greet Your Friends in Brazil

What tudo bem means in Portuguese. How to greet your friends in Brazil.

I am often asked: What is the meaning of tudo bem in Portuguese? What does it really mean? It is no surprise that this is a popular question. Your Brazilian friends likely greet you with “tudo bem?” on a daily basis. Let’s see what exactly tudo bem means and how you can answer the “tudo bem?” […]