Translated Lyrics: Samba Desenredo, by Meia Dúzia de 3 ou 4

Our translated lyrics this week: Samba Desenredo, by Brazilian band Meia Dúzia de 3 ou 4. Meia dúzia means half a dozen. Interesting name for the band, don’t you think?

This is not a light ballad. It is a samba about the end of the world. Complicado, né? Even if you are not in the end-of-the-world mood, you should check the song out. You will learn key vocabulary to understand the Samba Schools parade from Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Download the lyrics with translation into English by Street Smart Brazil to learn Carnival words such as Abre-alas, Porta-Bandeira, Bateria, Velha Guarda, and more.

Translated Lyrics: Chamada Restrita by Dois do Samba

A new episode of the podcast Caipirinha Appreciation Society is out, and so are your translated lyrics available for download at the end of this post. This week’s song is Chamada Restrita, by Dois do Samba. The song is in episode 318 of the podcast: Taking Risks = Correndo Riscos

Dois do Samba is a duo formed by Dudu Nicácio, from Minas Gerais, and Rodrigo Braga, from Rio de Janeiro. They play Samba as the art of meeting and sharing with the true spirit of collaboration and camaraderie. I hope you enjoy the videos below and the podcast.

Translated Lyrics: Todo Mundo Nasce Artista by Aíla


Download your weekly translated lyrics: Todo Mundo Nasce Artista, by Aíla. This song was hand-picked by our talented friends from Caipirinha Appreciation Society. You can listen to it in episode 317 of the podcast: Meeting Season. 

Aíla Magalhães is a promising new artist from Belém, in the state of Pará, Brazil. Her music mixes global beats with local rhythms from the Amazon region, such as Carimbó, which Adam Lee told us about a few days ago. Check out the video below to see an amazing performance of the song and have a blast listening to the entire podcast by Caipirinha Appreciation Society.

Translated Lyrics: Ingrediente da Felicidade by Salvador Santo

Download your weekly translated lyrics from Caipirinha Appreciation Society‘s podcast: Ingrediente da Felicidade, by Salvador Santo. The song is in Episode 316 of the podcast: Routine = Rotina. 

Salvador Santo is a singer, composer, musician, and DJ from Recife, Pernambuco. He was one of the members of the popular band Dona Margarida Pereira e os Fulanos that helped shape the modern musical scene in Pernambuco. In Salvador’s music you will enjoy a mix of rock, samba, MPB, and electronic beats. Below is a video of the song Ingredientes da Felicidade. Your translated lyrics are available for download at the end of the  post.