Learn Portuguese: 3 Great Words, 2 Phrases, and Grammar from a Viral Post

Brazilian singer Ed Motta has recently gone viral among Brazilians around the world, but not in the best way. He recently said that he did not want to see any simpleton Brazilian speaking Portuguese during his European tour. He also asked fans to not even try to ask him to speak Portuguese during the shows. And […]

How to Say Honk the Horn & Use the Turn Signal in Portuguese

Are you planning to drive in Brazil? Many foreigners find it challenging to drive in Brazil. They say traffic is too crazy, cars drive very close to each other, and people drive more aggressively. It is difficult to disagree with these comments. Driving in Brazil feels very different from driving here in the San Francisco Bay […]

Portuguese Lesson: 2 Useful Phrases for Moments of Surprise

  Today I have a short Portuguese lesson for you. I believe it will come in handy when you need these two useful phrases. De onde você tirou isso? It is useful to know this phrase. It means, “Where’d you get/take that from?” It can be used literally: for example, if you all of a sudden have […]

Brazilian Music: Tarde em Itapuã – Translated lyrics

One of my favorite Brazilian music videos to put on and listen to is Tarde em Itapuã sung acoustically by its composer Toquinho and invited guest Gil Gilberto. It’s such a great, soothing song and it has the power to transport me back to any number of Brazilian beaches I’ve sat and pondered life on. […]

Learn Portuguese Idioms: Perder a hora & Perder tempo

I saw the picture above on Facebook and it inspired me to create this Portuguese lesson. The picture uses two very useful idiomatic expressions in Portuguese: Perder a hora and Perder tempo.  In this lesson I will give you a tip about the conjugation of the verb Perder and will show you how to use the expressions above. I will […]

Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary: Dengue and Dengoso

What does a pest, a feeling, a dwarf, and bossa nova have in common? I know you were wondering the same thing, so I’ll go ahead and tell you. ; ) Late in September, news came out about how Brazil had released so-called good mosquitos to fight dengue fever. Researchers let thousands of the normally […]