Easter Vocabulary in Portuguese – Portuguese Lesson

Portuguese lesson - Easter Vocabulary in Portuguese - video lesson

Today I have a quick Portuguese lesson for you: Easter vocabulary in Portuguese. It is also a good opportunity to pay attention to, and practice, pronunciation. Watch the video to listen to all the words. Practice your pronunciation and help your memory by repeating the words with me.

How to Introduce Yourself in Brazil – Brazilian Portuguese Lesson

Today you will learn 3 ways to introduce yourself in Brazilian Portuguese and 4 ways to ask someone’s name. Get ready to meet Brazilians with this Portuguese lesson. You may be thinking that you only need to know one way to do so. But here’s what I tell you: You don’t know how other people […]

Easily learn 31 Travel Portuguese phrases

Travel Portuguese lesson

Planning that awesome trip to Brazil? Make it even better with some Travel Portuguese! Most people in Brazil do not speak English or speak very little English. Yes, you may find English speakers at your hotel front desk and in large companies. But your experience in Brazil will be much more than that, right? Grab […]

Fique de olho: Brazilian Portuguese Words & Expressions that are Good to Know

In my third “From the Headlines” series, I’ll show you another exercise on how to learn Brazilian Portuguese from the news. This time, I’ll cover a headline from Globo! It has a great colloquial expression and I will also get into other words to expand your vocabulary. This is a simple exercise to learn Brazilian Portuguese from […]

How to Say You Made my Day in Portuguese

In English you can express joy and gratitude by saying You made my day. How would you say You made my day in Portuguese? In Brazil we’d say: Ganhei o dia. Literal translation: I won the day. Below are a few examples so you can learn how to say You made my day in Portuguese. Tip: […]