Brazilian Music: DJ Dolores


DJ Dolores, aka Helder Aragão, is a Brazilian designer, DJ, and musician from the northeastern state of Sergipe who makes electronic music, as well as soundtracks to films (most recently, Neighboring Sounds and Tatuagem). One of the earlier contributors to Recife’s Mangue Beat/Bit movement made popular by Chico Science and Nação Zumbi in the early 90s, DJ Dolores didn’t start making his own music until almost a decade later.

Brazilian Music: A Study on Music and Class

A new study by IBOPE, the national agency for statistics, is out in Brazil and it shows what percentage of poll responders listen to the same types of music. Perhaps more interesting than that, it ties socio-economic classes to certain kinds of music.

All-women forró group Clã Brasil

Brazilian Music All-women forró group Clã Brasil

Recently, I discovered a female group of forró musicians, who are also sisters, called Clã Brasil. They come from João Pessoa in Brazil’s northeast and play the more traditional “pé-de-serra” style of the musical genre which is characterized by the presence of the sanfona (accordion), zabumba (hand-held bass drum), and the triangle. Clã Brasil’s lead […]

Forays into Brazilian culture through music

Article about falling in love with Brazil through music

I remember hearing the very first songs in Portuguese way back in 2002 when I also became interested in the language. Some songs were brega (cheesy) but others were a lot less so (though I couldn’t discern one from the other at the time). Among the lucky ones that lured me into a world I have […]

Translated Lyrics: Samba Desenredo, by Meia Dúzia de 3 ou 4

Our translated lyrics this week: Samba Desenredo, by Brazilian band Meia Dúzia de 3 ou 4. Meia dúzia means half a dozen. Interesting name for the band, don’t you think?

This is not a light ballad. It is a samba about the end of the world. Complicado, né? Even if you are not in the end-of-the-world mood, you should check the song out. You will learn key vocabulary to understand the Samba Schools parade from Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Download the lyrics with translation into English by Street Smart Brazil to learn Carnival words such as Abre-alas, Porta-Bandeira, Bateria, Velha Guarda, and more.