Like Brazilian Food? Great resources to improve your Portuguese

Tips to improve your Portuguese while enjoying cooking and Brazilian food

Bobó de camarão Social media posts about Brazilian food always generate great engagement. Of course, right? Who can resist a good pão de queijo or a beautiful moqueca dish? Have you been using your love of Brazilian food to improve your Portuguese? You should! Most English speakers who have a Brazilian partner use English to […]

Brazilian fast food: The Podrão and the X-Tudo Sandwich

While living in Rio, in what can only be properly described as a frat house, its members introduced me to a late-night joint they’d frequent after hours. It’s a place that exists in the nebulous moments of the early morning, after partying but before going to sleep. They called it a “podrão”.

Brazilian Food: The Classic Bauru Sandwich

The bauru sandwich is a Brazilian classic. One blogger compared it to the American BLT in terms of its fame. At its most basic, it’s a French bread roll (without the soft white interior) with melted cheese, roast beef and tomatoes in it. It’s the invention of a Brazilian law student named Casemiro Pinto Neto (aka “Bauru”, after his hometown) who, in the 1930s, walked into his favorite eatery in São Paulo and told the cook to make a sandwich just for him. Once he and another customer tasted it, everyone was saying, “Me vê um do Bauru!” (to say “me vê” is an informal way of ordering food).

Kebabs, Baião and Beer


In some of the cities I lived in, my stay was short, so finding a good and quick food fix was a priority no matter where I landed. If you’ve been on the streets of Brazil at night, you’ve most likely walked by a food cart or truck. If you’re lucky, you’ve even sat down for a bite and a cold beer. It just so happens that I got to do so repeatedly and on many a hot summer night, in a small town just outside of the Amazon basin. I remember it well, it’s where I found the ideal meal.

Acai Diet


Açaí, just like anything in excess, can be bad for your health. Is that stopping me from having it every day? No. I guess that means I’m on an açaí diet. If you are one of the people who still don’t know what this chocolaty blueberry type fruit is, let me explain.