Brazilian Beer for Beer Lovers

Brazilian beer for beer lovers. Blog post about the beer experience in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the heaviest consumers of beer in the world. However, you’ll find that the majority of the population exclusively consumes a macro brew here called Skol. It is a very refreshing pilsner, but if you are like me and enjoy tasting microbrews and stronger beers, you may find yourself yearning for some […]

Brazilian Magazines You Can Read Online

Here is a great way to practice your Street Smart Portuguese and build your vocabulary: Below is a list of Brazilian magazines on a wide variety of subjects. Some of them make all their content available online; others offer their .com edition on their site. Either way, you will keep informed and enjoy lots of practice.

Here is a tip for you: Read it out loud — it is great practice.

Boa leitura!

How to Say To Need in Portuguese: Verb Precisar

I am preparing for my upcoming trip to Brazil (yay) and thought that my to-do list would provide good examples of how we use the verb Precisar.

Precisar = To need

The verb PRECISAR does not require preposition when it is followed by a verb in the infinitive.


Maracatu @ Stern Grove (San Francisco) on Sun, Aug 9

Maracatu is a Brazilian beat from Pernambuco, a state in the Northeast region of Brazil. It is very rich and represents many cultural and historic elements. I won’t attempt to define Maracatu, but I can tell you that it is intense, colorful, and vibrant. The maracatu drums are unbelievable.