Soccer Vocabulary in Portuguese

Portuguese lesson with Soccer vocabulary in Portuguese

When the World Cup (a Copa do Mundo) is around the corner, Brazilians all over the world have their jerseys ready and futebol is present in every conversation with friends. So let’s get your soccer vocabulary in Portuguese ready so you can join the conversation and connect deeper with this Brazilian passion.

World Cup Trivia

The first World Cup was in 1930. Brazil is the only team to have played in every World Cup.

Only eight countries have won the competition: Brazil (5 times champion), Italy (4 times), Germany (4 times), Uruguay (twice), Argentina (twice), France (once), England (once), and Spain (once).

No one has won the World Cup as many times as Brazil :)

Turn the World Cup into a cultural experience

If you have the chance, I very much encourage you to go to a bar or restaurant where Brazilians are meeting to watch Brazil play. It will be a fun cultural experience, I am sure. If you do so, please come back to our blog to share your experience with us!

Soccer Vocabulary in Portuguese

Now let’s get your soccer vocabulary sharp for the games.

First let’s see a few basic sentences that are always handy for any game:

  • Quanto o jogo? = What is the score?
  • O jogo 2 a 1. = The score is 2 – 1.
  • Quem ganhando? = Who is ahead?
  • Quem ganhou? = Who won?
  • Qual é seu time? = What is your team?
  • Por quem você tá torcendo? = Who are you rooting for? (torcer por = to root for)

Brazilian Portuguese has many idiomatic expressions that come from soccer. I have a few lessons with such expressions, such as vestir a camisa, pendurar a chuteira, pisar na bola e entrar de sola. I bet it will feel good to understand your Brazilian loved ones when they use these colloquial Brazilian expressions.

Here is more soccer vocabulary (the terms in bold are in the video):

O Time = the team

A seleção brasileira = Brazil team
O time, a equipe = team
A camisa do time = team’s jersey
O jogador / os jogadores = player / players
O técnico = coach
O Juiz, o árbitro = referee
O bandeirinha / a bandeirinha = assistant referee
O jogador titular = starter
O capitão = captain
O reserva = bench player
O banco = bench
O locutor / a locutora = the commentator
A torcida = the fans
A convocação = the call-up

As Posições no Campo = The Positions on the Field

Atacante = forward
Centroavante = center forward
Meio-campo = midfielder
Goleador = striker
Ponta-esquerda = left wing
Ponta-direita = right wing
Lateral-esquerdo = left back
Lateral-direito = right back
Zagueiro = defender
Goleiro = goalkeeper

Com a Bola no Pé = With the Ball

A bola = ball
O chute = kick
Chutar = to Kick
O início de jogo, o pontapé inicial = kick-off
O gol = goal
O golaço = a beautiful goal
O gol contra = own goal
A defesa = a save
O pênalti = penalty kick
O tiro livre = free kick
A barreira = the wall
O drible = the dribble
Marcar o gol  = to score
O empate = tie
O gol de empate = equalizer
A cabeçada = header
Matar no peito = to chest trap
O arremesso lateral = throw-in
O cruzamento = cross
O escanteio = corner kick
Tiro de meta = goal Kick
O impedimento = offside
Decisão por pênaltis = penalty shootout
O placar = the score
A falta = foul

Mais sobre o Jogo = More about the game

O amistoso = friendly game
O apito = whistle
A arquibancada = the stands
O cartão amarelo = yellow card
O cartão vermelho = red card
Os descontos = injury time
O intervalo = half time
A prorrogação = extra time

O Campo = The Field

A linha lateral  = side line
A linha de meio de campo = halfway line
A grande área = penalty area
A linha da grande área = penalty area marking
A marca do pênalti = penalty spot
As barras, a trave = goal post
O travessão = crossbar
A rede = the net

Enjoy the games!

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