Portuguese for Travel

Going to Brazil? Not many people in Brazil speak English. Learning Portuguese will make your life easier and your trip more fun and meaningful.

Whether you want to learn the basics to get around in Brazil or wish to brush up on your Portuguese before you land there, our Portuguese for Travel packages will help you get the best out of your trip.

We offer a simple, efficient, and convenient way to learn Portuguese.  (See full service description below)


Enjoy the luxury of private lessons with the Street Smart Brazil quality from $47/hour. Choose how many hours you would like to purchase, and schedule your lessons at your pace.

  • 16 Hours of Sessions: $47 per hour
  • 10 Hours of Sessions: $50 per hour
  • 6 Hours of Sessions: $55 per hour
  • Single Session: $60.00 per hour

Product Description

Learn Portuguese before you take off and get the most out of your trip to Brazil.

Whether you want to learn the basics to get around in Brazil or wish to brush up on your Portuguese before you land there, our Portuguese for Travel packages will help you get the best out of your trip.

We offer a simple, efficient, and convenient way to learn Portuguese:

  • Lessons are conveniently offered via Skype or Google Hangouts. This is not your typical eLearning course in which you learn on your own. With a webcam, you will be face to face and completely engaged with your instructor.
  • You will be able to practice for different situations that you want to experience in Brazil. Our instructors are from Brazil, fluent in English, and college-educated. They are well prepared to help you speak Portuguese and learn about the Brazilian culture.
  • You will love the quality and flexibility that we offer. With our instructors in different time zones, we offer lessons virtually any day and any time, giving you the flexibility you need with scheduling.  Book your lessons online, for any time that suits you best. We’re flexible.
  • ALL learning materials are included, making our lessons an even better value.
  • Ordering, booking lessons, and paying, as well as the classes themselves, are all done right here online, making it so convenient for you, and saving you valuable time.

Here are some suggestions for your program:

Intermediate and Advanced Learners

  • Focus on conversation to allow you to communicate better
  • Improve your listening skills to make your life easier in Brazil
  • Develop vocabulary on a variety of topics to engage in social and business conversations
  • Enjoy a custom program created to attend to your goals
  • Get cultural tips to help you get the best out of your trip

Beginner Learners

To learn the basics for an upcoming trip, we recommend the following program:

  • Greetings and farewells
  • Introducing yourself
  • Expressions of courtesy
  • Brazilian menu customized to your palate
  • Brazilian food you should try
  • Numbers
  • Brazilian currency
  • Asking for directions
  • Getting around
  • Useful phrases for various situations
  • Basic health Concerns
  • Practical dialogues for everyday situations
  • Get cultural tips to help you get the best out of your trip

Recommended package: 10 hours

For smaller packages, content will be adjusted as appropriate considering your individual needs.

Questions? Please contact us. We will be happy to help.


  • Class material
  • Easy booking: book your lessons online
  • Flexible scheduling: book your lessons with any of our instructors. We offer lessons virtually any day, any time because we have instructors in different time zones.
  • Program customization to attend to your goals and needs
  • Trained instructors who can teach you perfect Portuguese in a practical way
  • Communicative approach to get you functioning in the language as soon as possible
  • Focus on real-life situations to develop your ability to live and do business in Portuguese
  • Cultural content throughout the program to help you achieve language and cultural proficiency
How many lessons do I need to take before my trip to Brazil?
The other day I came across a tweet that said:

God help the World Cup visitor who doesn’t speak Portuguese.

The message was tweeted by an American who had been living in Brazil for 5 years.

Communication in Brazil can be very challenging if you don’t have any Portuguese. If you are traveling as a tourist, don’t expect people on the streets to speak any English. Bus and taxi drivers, waiters, bank tellers – in other words, the people you tend to ask for help and information – don’t usually know English.

How many lessons you need to get the basics depends on your goals and what you already know. If you are a beginner Portuguese speaker, we recommend a package with 10 hours.

You will be surprised how even a little Portuguese can make a big difference in your travel experience.

Are your instructors native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese?
Yes, absolutely! All of Street Smart Brazil’s language instructors are native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, born and raised in Brazil. Additionally, our instructors are fluent in English and college educated. They have professional experience in Brazil and abroad, and are trained with the Street Smart Brazil approach to deliver an excellent learning experience. They are also very friendly and passionate about sharing our language and culture. Meet our instructors here. 
What is the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal?

There are differences in pronunciation and grammar between Brazilian Portuguese and Continental Portuguese. The main difference is in pronunciation. Imagine a foreigner learning English in the US and then traveling to England or Australia. This person will need to adjust to how the language sounds in the new country. The same is true for Brazilian and European Portuguese.

For additional insight into this issue, we recommend reading the blog posts below. They were written by an American who learned Brazilian Portuguese and then moved to Portugal:

  • Portuguese Life – Differences Between Brazilian and Continental Portuguese (link to https://streetsmartbrazil.com/blog/20130408/portuguese-life-differences-between-brazilian-and-continental-portuguese)
  • Pray for My Portuguese (link to https://streetsmartbrazil.com/blog/20131018/pray-my-portuguese )
  • Portuguese Life – Part 2 (link to https://streetsmartbrazil.com/blog/20130511/portuguese-life-part-two )

The best way to choose which language you should learn is by considering who you will be communicating with when using the language. If you will be communicating with Brazilians, then Brazilian Portuguese would be the best option.

I don’t like to study or read online. Can I really learn Portuguese via webcam? How does it work?
Our webcam lessons are as effective as lessons in person. You meet with your instructor real-time, face to face, in a video-conference. You will be totally engaged with your instructor. We use Skype or Google Hangouts with video. Both are free. You can see and hear your instructor just as if she were sitting across from you. You will receive your class materials ahead of time via email. You can print them or have them on your screen during your lesson. And we use the chat screen as our white board. We invite you to book a trial session to see for yourself how well it works.
Do I have to pay a registration fee?
No, there is no registration fee and no charge for class materials. You just pay for your lessons.
Do I need to purchase class material and books?

The quality and variety of class materials that we use cannot be found in any other Portuguese language course. We use our exclusive original content workbook in combination with materials from textbooks, the web, and other resources. There is no additional charge for the materials. We believe that you will learn better by using a variety of learning tools.

With that said, if you are interested in buying a book, we have a review of the best books to learn Portuguese on our site.[LINK] (link to https://streetsmartbrazil.com/blog/20091220/books-study-portuguese ) You will also find a list of additional materials including books, movies, and CDs at our Online Amazon Store[LINK].

Will I have material to study between sessions?
Yes, you will always have study materials and homework. The more you practice between sessions, the faster your Portuguese will advance. With that said, we understand that many of our clients are very busy. How much homework you will do between sessions is a personal decision. We are here to help. If you cannot do any homework, your instructor will work with you through the exercises during your sessions. That is perfectly fine too.
How do I schedule my lessons and what availability do you offer?

You can easily book your lessons online.

We offer classes virtually any day, any time because we have instructors in different time zones.

To give you even more flexibility, you can book your lessons with any of our instructors. We all share class reports to ensure that there is continuity between lessons even if you are booking them with different teachers.

Upon purchase of any of our classes, you will get a link to our online scheduling tool.