One-on-One Portuguese Lessons via Video Meetings

One-on-One Portuguese lessons customized to your level and your goals

Speak Portuguese with confidence and ease.

Are you looking for personalized Portuguese lessons that are truly tailored to your level, your needs, and our goals? You are at the right place!

With Street Smart Brazil, you will have your own private Brazilian Portuguese tutor. You will be able to learn from anywhere because we use Skype or Meet for the lessons.

With a webcam, it is just like face to face, but with a lot more flexibility.

With one-on-one Portuguese lessons you learn what you want, enjoy more practice, and learn at your own pace.

Choose how you’d like to purchase your lessons:

Enjoy lower rates with our Subscriptions. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Or choose a Flex Pay package without recurring payments below. The more hours you purchase, the lower your rate.

Book your lessons at your convenience.

We offer the following packages:

  • 16 hours of instruction: US$ 47/hour
  • 10 hours of instruction: US$ 50/hour
  • 6 hours of instruction: US$ 55/hour
  • single hour of instruction: US$ 60

Use the drop down menu below to choose your package. Upon completing the purchase, you will get access to the booking tool.


Online Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

Learn with the best teachers

It’s one thing to be a native speaker of Portuguese. But it’s a completely different thing to know how to teach the language in a simple way. Our teachers are:

  • Native Brazilian speakers
  • Fluent in English and additional languages
  • College-educated
  • Trained professionals with work experience in Brazil and abroad

Have real conversations with a real person

Live Online Portuguese lessons

Let me guess. You’ve been learning Portuguese with an app and watching videos on YouTube, but when you try to speak Portuguese, you quickly get stuck. There’s only so much that books, apps, and videos can do for your fluency. Here’s what we offer you: Your own private online Brazilian Portuguese tutor. You have real conversations with a real person who is a native speaker. That’s how you get to speak Portuguese with confidence.

Book your lessons at any time

Online One-on-One Portuguese lessons using Skype

We have tutors in different time zones, so don’t worry about inconvenient timing – wherever you are, we’ll be able to provide a lesson at a sensible time. Book your lessons online, for any time that suits you best. We’re flexible.

Learn from anywhere

Learn Portuguese from anywhere with our live online Brazilian Portuguese lessons

Because your learning is done via Skype or Google Hangouts, all you need is an internet connection and a computer, wherever you are. If your work takes you traveling, you’ll still be able to continue your lessons. That’s important. If you’ve ever tried to learn a language, you’ll know how crucial it is to keep at it.

Enjoy lessons that are tailored for you

Personalized, online Brazilian Portuguese lessons

Your instructor will work with you from the start to develop a course of learning that meets your needs and delivers your goals. If you need the language for understanding business meetings, you might not want to be learning vocabulary for buying fruit at the market!

Learning materials are included

Enjoy our original content class materials. You get them with no additional charge. You will receive the handouts via email before your lessons. You can choose to print the sheets or just have them open on your screen during your lesson.

Book a Trial Session instead of a placement testPortuguese lesson Trial Lesson

Book a 30-minute Portuguese Trial Lesson and test-drive our service. At the end of the session your teacher will know more about your goals and skills than any standardized test could ever tell. Click here to book your Trial Session (1 Trial Session per person).

“I highly recommend Street Smart Brazil. They’ll have you speaking Portuguese in surprisingly little time and you’ll learn a lot about Brazil and its people and culture.”

“The quality of the instruction is outstanding. The instructors are flexible to schedule classes in times which are convenient. Being able to use SKYPE for face to face without traveling place to place is also a great plus.”
– Jennifer

  • Class material
  • Easy booking: book your lessons online
  • Flexible scheduling: book your lessons with any of our instructors. We offer lessons virtually any day, any time because we have instructors in different time zones.
  • Program customization to attend to your goals and needs
Are your instructors native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese?
Yes, absolutely! All of Street Smart Brazil’s language instructors are native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, born and raised in Brazil. Additionally, our instructors are fluent in English and college educated. They have professional experience in Brazil and abroad, and are trained with the Street Smart Brazil approach to deliver an excellent learning experience. They are also very friendly and passionate about sharing our language and culture. Meet our instructors here. 
I don’t like to study or read online. Can I really learn Portuguese via webcam? How does it work?
Our webcam lessons are as effective as lessons in person. You meet with your instructor real-time, face to face, in a video-conference. You will be totally engaged with your instructor. We use Skype or Google Hangouts with video. Both are free. You can see and hear your instructor just as if she were sitting across from you. You will receive your class materials ahead of time via email. You can print them or have them on your screen during your lesson. And we use the chat screen as our white board. We invite you to book a trial session to see for yourself how well it works.
I am very busy. How often do I need to have classes?

You can take classes whenever you have time to fit them in your schedule. When you choose one-on-one lessons, you can set your pace. With that said, consistency and practice are key to learning and developing fluency. We recommend starting with at least 1 hour per week. Practicing regularly between meetings will speed up the learning process.

If you are getting ready to take the Celpe-Bras exam, how often you take classes will depend on how soon your test is and how advanced your Portuguese is.

Is Portuguese difficult to learn?
Learning a language is challenging, but Portuguese is not particularly difficult. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of State says Portuguese is among the easiest languages to learn, side by side with Spanish. Their scale of difficulty is based on the length of time it typically takes to achieve General Professional Proficiency in speaking and reading. You can learn more about this here.

Other articles that share this point of view that Portuguese is a very learnable language:

We encourage you to try for yourself!

Do I have to pay a registration fee?
No, there is no registration fee and no charge for class materials. You just pay for your lessons.
Do I need to purchase class material and books?

The quality and variety of class materials that we use cannot be found in any other Portuguese language course. We use our exclusive original content workbook in combination with materials from textbooks, the web, and other resources. There is no additional charge for the materials. We believe that you will learn better by using a variety of learning tools.

With that said, if you are interested in buying a book, we have a review of the best books to learn Portuguese on our website. You will also find a list of additional materials including books, movies, and CDs at our Amazon Store.

Will I have homework and material to study between sessions?
Yes, you will always have study materials and homework. The more you practice between sessions, the faster your Portuguese will advance. With that said, we understand that many of our clients are very busy. How much homework you will do between sessions is a personal decision. We are here to help. If you cannot do any homework, your instructor will work with you through the exercises during your sessions. That is perfectly fine too.
What is the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal?

There are differences in pronunciation and grammar between Brazilian Portuguese and Continental Portuguese. The main difference is in pronunciation. Imagine a foreigner learning English in the US and then traveling to England or Australia. This person will need to adjust to how the language sounds in the new country. The same is true for Brazilian and European Portuguese.

For additional insight into this issue, we recommend reading the blog posts below. They were written by an American who learned Brazilian Portuguese and then moved to Portugal:

The best way to choose which language you should learn is by considering who you will be communicating with when using the language. If you will be communicating with Brazilians, then Brazilian Portuguese would be the best option.

What is your lesson cancellation policy?

For one-on-one lessons, you need to inform us of any cancelations or changes in schedule at least 48 hours before your class. This is because last-minute notices do not allow us to fill the time slot saved for you. Please call or send a text message directly to your instructor if you need to cancel or change a class. More advance notice is appreciated. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm Pacific.

Lessons canceled without a 48-hour advance notice will be charged. No-shows will be charged.

When you cancel a lesson with 48-hour notice you have a nonrefundable credit for a makeup class. Credits are valid for 45 days from the original date of the cancelled lesson. After 45 days credits will be forfeited. This applies to all payment plans.

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