How to Talk about Outdoor Activities in Portuguese

How to talk about Outdoor Activities in Portuguese - Portuguese lesson

It’s summer in Brazil. If you’re visiting the country, you will certainly enjoy many outdoor activities. How do you say outdoor activity in Portuguese? How do you say that the concert will be outdoors? In this lesson I will show you how to say outdoor in Portuguese and how we use the word outdoor in Brazil. I find it funny.

Ao ar livre = Outdoors

So that’s how you say outdoors in Portuguese: ao ar livre. Literally it translates to “in free air”, which would mean in “in open air”.

Below are examples using the expression. Notice that it doesn’t change with gender or number.


É comum jogar capoeira ao ar livre no Brasil.

= It’s common to play capoeira outdoors in Brazil.


Adoro shows ao ar livre no verão.

= I love outdoor concerts during summer.


Tem muitas atividades ao ar livre para se fazer em São Paulo.

= There are many outdoor activities to do in São Paulo.

Outdoor = Billboard

Here’s something curious. In Brazil, a billboard is called an outdoor. Funny, right? In this case, we use the English word outdoor as a masculine noun. For example:

  • O que você acha dos novos outdoors da Nike?

= What do you think of Nike’s new billboards?

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