My 3 favorite beaches in Brazil

Brazil is known for its gorgeous beaches and hot nightlife, which makes it a perfect destination no matter your preferences. From pristine, untouched tropical paradises to cities bustling with energy by the shore, Brazil has something for everyone. I’ve put together a list of my three favorite beaches in Brazil that will definitely make you want to come visit soon!

1) Jericoacoara

Jeri (photo above), as it is referred to affectionately by Brazilians, is a simple fishing village in the north of the state of Ceará. 

There are no roads leading to or in Jericoacoara, so the trip to the village is made in buggies along sand dunes and wild beaches. 

Considered one of the best beaches in the world by foreigners and Brazilians alike, it is virtually untouched by man and a haven for wildlife and relaxation. I

f your idea of a perfect beach is a virgin paradise mostly untouched by man, Jeri is the place for you!

2) Rio de Janeiro

Famous for its astonishing natural beauty and bustling city life, Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most famous postcard. The beaches are always packed full of locals and tourists, vendors, artists, and athletes, and the city offers everything you can hope from a metropolis, from great restaurants and hotels to decent public transportation. 

Rio is the place to you if you want a beach vacation without losing touch with big-city life. 

3) Trancoso

Of course, you don’t have to chose between untouched by man and city craziness, and that’s where Trancoso comes in. 

Trancoso, in the state of Bahia, was once a small fisherman’s village, but its perfect beaches and year-round great weather turned it into one of Brazil’s most sought-after beach resorts. 

It’s not hard to understand its popularity: you can find everything from great restaurants and hotels to an energetic nightlife without having to do without amazing beaches and untouched wildlife.

Brazil is a perfect destination no matter your tastes, so be sure to be prepared for the adventure! Not many people speak English in Brazil, and even less so in the smaller beaches, so make sure you learn some Portuguese before you go. There are several free lessons and apps available online, but the best learning happens when you practice with a real person. 

Street Smart Brazil offers lessons via Skype. It is an easy, convenient, and effective way to learn Portuguese before you take off to Brazil!