Learn Portuguese: Useful Portuguese Vocabulary for Business and Social Situations

I thought I’d share this comic strip with you. I feel that sooner or later you will be happy to have this Portuguese vocabulary in your repertoire fo business and social situations.

All you need to understand this picture is below:

Portuguese English
Adiar to postpone
Adiada/o postponed
Anônima/o anonymous
Hoje à noite tonight
Procrastinar to procrastinate
Procrastinador/procrastinadora procrastinator
Procrastinadores/procrastinadoras Procrastinators
Marcar to schedule (a meeting, an appointment)
Remarcar to reschedule
Remarcada/o rescheduled
A Reunião meeting (business)
Hoje à noite tonight

So we have in the picture:

“Procrastinators Anonymous
Tonight’s meeting has been postponed and will be rescheduled.”

Let’s see a few more examples:


Ana liga para o consultório médico = Ana calls her doctor’s office:

Ana: Eu gostaria de marcar uma consulta, por favor.
= I’d like to schedule an appointment, please.


Uma semana depois = A week later:

Ana: Eu preciso remarcar uma consulta, por favor. Vou estar viajando na próxima semana, por isso preciso adiar minha consulta.
= I need to reschedule my appointment, please. I will be traveling this coming week, so I need to postpone my appointment.


Mais tarde, em casa = later at home:

Paulo: E aí, conseguiu remarcar a consulta?

Ana: Consegui, sim. Foi remarcada para o dia 20.

Paulo: So, were you able to reschedule your appointment?

Ana: Yes, I was. It has been rescheduled for the 20th.