Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs – Video 3

I’m thrilled to publish another video from the series Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs. These lessons are a collaboration between Susanna Zaraysky, author of the book Language is Music, and Luciana Lage, fromStreet Smart Brazil. In these lessons we use Brazilian songs to teach you Portuguese and we contrast Spanish and Portuguese to discuss pronunciation and grammar. Make sure you check out Video 1 and Video 2  as well.

In our previous lesson we used the song Você Não me Ensinou a Te Esquecer to teach you Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation. In this lesson we are going to use the same song to give you a few grammar tips.

Você Não me Ensinou a Te Esquecer was made popular by Fernando Mendes and by Caetano Veloso. There is also a Spanish version of the song made by the Marcus Maestro. The Spanish version is not exactly the same as the Brazilian one; it’s not a direct translation. Here are the links for the lyrics and the videos of the Brazilian and Spanish versions of the song.

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