Learn 39 Olympic Sports in Portuguese

Portuguese lesson to learn 39 Olympic Sports in Portuguese

Here we are on the 6th day of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. How exciting! It inspired me to create this Portuguese lesson with 39 Olympic sports in Portuguese.

I have to confess that I am not really a sports person. But the Olympic Games are different. It is so inspiring to see so much talent and such amazing skills. The athlete’s losses and victories come with amazing stories of determination, perseverance, and dedication. I find it very inspiring. Not to mention so many nations together in one event.

I will also teach you how to say Olympics and Olympic Games. There is a pronunciation mistake that I hear very often. I want you to be able to say it beautifully and correctly :) I’ve made a video to show you the pronunciation of all the words in this Portuguese lesson.

39 Olympic Sports in Portuguese

First things first: In Portuguese, sport is: Esporte.

Now, how do you say the Olympics in Portuguese?

You can say: As Olimpíadas.

The stressed syllable is the PÍ. I very often hear the emphasis placed on the “a”, that come after it which makes the word sound incorrect to us Brazilians.

You can also say: Os Jogos Olímpicos.

Now let’s see the Olympic sports in Portuguese. Below I have the sports in alphabetical order in English, followed by their translation in Portuguese:

  1. Archery = Tiro com Arco or Arco e Flecha
  2. Badminton = Badminton
  3. Basketball = Basquetebol or simply Basquete
  4. Beach volleyball = Vôlei de praia
  5. Boxing = Boxe
  6. Canoe slalom = Canoagem slalom
  7. Canoe sprint = Canoagem de velocidade
  8. Cycling – MBX = Ciclismo BMX
  9. Cycling – Mountain Bike = Ciclismo Mountain Bike
  10. Cycling – Road = Ciclismo de Estrada
  11. Cycling – Track = Ciclismo de Pista
  12. Diving = Salto Ornamental
  13. Equestrian = Hipismo
  14. Fencing = Esgrima
  15. Field hockey = Hóquei sobre a grama
  16. Golf = Golfe
  17. Gymnastics = Ginástica artística or Ginástica Olímpica
  18. Handball = Handebol
  19. Judo = Judô
  20. Marathon swimming = Maratonas aquáticas
  21. Modern pentathlon = Pentatlo moderno
  22. Rhythmic gymnastics = Ginástica rítmica
  23. Rowing = Remo
  24. Rugby Sevens = Rugby de 7
  25. Sailing = Vela
  26. Shooting = Tiro esportivo
  27. Soccer = Futebol
  28. Swimming = Natação
  29. Synchronized swimming = Nado sincronizado
  30. Table tennis = Tênis de mesa
  31. Taekwondo = Taekwondo
  32. Tennis = Tênis
  33. Track & Field = Atletismo
  34. Trampoline = Ginástica de trampolim
  35. Triathlon = Triatlo
  36. Volleyball = Voleibol or simply Vôlei
  37. Water polo = Polo aquático
  38. Weightlifting = Levantamento de peso
  39. Wrestling = Luta Olímpica

I hope this vocabulary list is useful to you. Did I miss any sport that you would like to learn how to say in Portuguese?

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