Is It Difficult to Learn Portuguese? An Interview with Seth Kugel

Oi galera,

I found this video on YouTube… American journalist Seth Kugel is interviewed by  vejapontocom (Veja is a Brazilian magazine and Vejapontocom is its YouTube channel) . Seth graduated in Political Science in Yale and has a master’s degree in Public Politics from Harvard. He has been writing for the New York Times since 1998, and also works as Brazil’s correspondent for the Global Post Agency.

The interview is divided in 3 videos:

Part 1: ”Como se fala Copacabana (1/3)” – Seth talks about his experience learning Portuguese. By the time of the interview, he had been living in Brazil for 1 year. It’s a very interesting point of view, especially when he describes his difficulties learning the language, and how he interprets Brazil.

Part 2 : “Foz do Iguaçu está na lista (2/3)” – In this part he talks about the violence in Brazil , and his experience writing about travel destinations in Brazil. His writings cover not only the renowned Brazilian touristic destinations, but also and specially the not so obvious destinations in Brazil, the places that are not so known by the North American travellers.

Part 3: “Política brasileira é muito interessante (3/3)” – In this last part Seth talks about Brazilian politics, corruption, and impunity in Brazil. He also expresses his opinion about President Lula, and the relationship between Brazil and the USA before and after Obama.

The interview is in Portuguese… so it’s a great challenge for you who are learning the language yourself…but it’s also a great motivation, because he speaks very clear and easy to understand Portuguese!

Let me know what you think, how you relate to his experiences, and in which points your own experience is similar to, or completely different from, his.


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