Improve Your Listening Skills: Café Brasil Podcast and Blog

Here is a great podcast in Portuguese: Café Brasil, by Luciano Pires. Café Brasil is not intended to teach Portuguese as a foreign language, but it””s definitely a great learning tool, especially for intermediate and advanced students.

Luciano Pires defines himself as an entrepreneur, multimedia communicator, cartoonist, adventurer, journalist, writer, story teller, and lecturer. His background is impressive and his intellectual production is vast.

Café Brasil is a weekly radio program presented by Luciano. He talks just about everything, and the programs include poems and songs related to the topic that he is discussing.

The radio program is also presented as a podcast. For each radio/podcast episode, you will also find the complete written text available on the Dlog (Luciano’s name for a “Delivered Blog”, that is, a blog that is delivered by email). This is a wonderful tool to build vocabulary, improve your listening skills, and get an inside view on Brazilian culture, politics, art, and society.

One note about the Dlog: You know how your mouse cursor turns into a little hand when you place it over a link? When I place the cursor over the titles of the blog episodes it remains as a vertical bar, even though the titles are links to the complete post. Just click on an episode title and you will be taken to the entire text.

I learned about Café Brasil from my student Cathy — Muito obrigada, Cathy :)

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