Idiomatic Expression in Portuguese: Saia Justa

If you’ve ever been in a bind, a jam or a tight spot that has left you embarrassed, in Brazil they’d say you were in a “tight skirt” (embarrassing in itself, if you’re a male). Well, that’s the direct translation of the idiomatic expression “saia justa” in Brazilian Portuguese.

For a newsworthy example, we can talk about how Edward Snowden put Russia in a bind, as far as its relationship with the US. Let’s look at the example sentence below.

Snowden colocou a Rússia numa saia justa.
(Snowden put Russia in a bind.)

Using at a Brazilian example (in a free translation), we can use the Brazilian TV variety show Domingão and talk about its well-known host, Faustão.

Faustão adora deixar os famosos em saia justa.”
(Faustão loves to put celebrities on the spot.)

I’m going to close out the article right here, before I accidentaly mention how many tight skirts I’ve been in. ; )


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