How to Say Without Fail in Portuguese – Easy and Useful

How to Say Without Fail in Portuguese

I had been meaning to show you how to say “without fail” in Portuguese, but for some reason this blog post was always being left for later. Today I used the expression at work and thought that I had to write this lesson without fail!

So here it is, a short and practical lesson about an easy expression that will add power to your communication in Portuguese. You will now be able to indicate urgency and relevance when you need to do so, be it at work or with family and friends.

Without fail = Sem falta

Example 1

Preciso terminar este relatório hoje, sem falta!

= I need to finish this report today without fail!


Example 2

José’s mom is recovering from a surgery. He says:

Preciso ligar pra* minha mãe hoje, sem falta.

= I need to call my mom today without fail.


Example 3

Você precisa comprar mais comida hoje sem falta!!!

= You need to buy more food today without fail!!!

How to say Without Fail in Portuguese - Sem falta


Example 4

José: Você vai pra* festa da Marta?

Lara: Vou, sim, sem falta. Ela não vai perdoar se eu não for.


José: Are you going to Marta’s party?

Lara: Yes, without fail. She won’t forgive it if I don’t go.


*Pra: Is it the same as Para?

Yes! In spoken Brazilian Portuguese, we say “pra” instead of “para” and “para a”. We also do that in very informal written Portuguese such as personal emails, Facebook posts, and text messages.

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