Flashcards: 64 Animals in Brazilian Portuguese

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The weather has been so great here in Oakland. I live by Lake Merritt and totally enjoy taking an afternoon walk when I need a little break from work. I usually bring almonds with me because one of my favorite things in the world is to make friends with the squirrels in the neighborhood :)

Yesterday I was feeding this cute squirrel in the picture below and thought that it would be fun to create flashcards with animal vocabulary in Portuguese. I cannot believe I have not done this yet. I love animals!

So here you go: 64 flashcards with animals in Brazilian Portuguese. I will also show you a fun slang word to refer to good-looking people, and a tip to avoid getting into trouble.

Flashcards: 64 Animals in Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Slang: Beautiful People are Gato/Gata

Before you jump to the cards, here is a fun piece of information: In Brazil we call a good looking guy um gato (a cat) and a good looking girl is uma gata (a cat).

In an affectionate way, you can use the diminutive. For example, you can call your girlfriend gatinha.

Just make sure you do not confuse it with galinha, as my husband Carl once did. Galinha literally means chicken. As slang, it refers to a promiscuous woman who dates too many guys. It was pretty unexpected when Carl hugged me and said: “Minha galinha” :P  Thankfully he meant gatinha :)

How to say kitten and puppy in Portuguese

In English baby animals have specific names such as kitten, puppy, calf. In Portuguese, some baby animals have specific names, but we usually just call them filhote. We say filhote de gato (kitten), filhote de cachorro (puppy), and so on. 

Flashcards: Animal Vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese

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