The English of Brazilian executives


At Street Smart Brazil, the goal is to make learning Brazilian Portuguese fun and worthwhile for both business and social situations, but what about the other side of the equation? How do Brazilians, or more specifically, Brazilian executives go about learning English? The Brazilian newspaper O Globo recently wrote about it. 

According to a new study done by a Dutch language company who surveyed 250 executives from ages 30-55, only 22% of them actually finish a given course or set of classes (in the case of receiving private lessons). More than that, they have spent, on average, R$10,000-15,000 in total investment but still believe their English to be merely intermediate.

The article goes on to say the problem is the offer of fluency rather than short-term goals (by addressing the personal reason each student is learning). In my own experience, trying to learn a language in my 30s, it seems to take much more dedication than it did in my 20s and my lifestyle is surely not as hectic as that of an executive.


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