Easter Vocabulary in Portuguese – Portuguese Lesson

Portuguese lesson - Easter vocabulary in Portuguese - video

Today I have a quick Portuguese lesson for you: Easter vocabulary in Portuguese. It is also a good opportunity to pay attention to, and practice, pronunciation.

Watch the video to listen to all the words. Practice your pronunciation and help your memory by repeating the words with me.

Easter Vocabulary

a Páscoa = Easter

os Ovos de Páscoa = Easter eggs

os Ovos de chocolate = Chocolate eggs

o Coelho da Páscoa = Easter bunny

a Semana Santa = Holy Week

a Sexta-feira Santa = Good Friday

o Sábado de Aleluia = Holy Saturday

o Domingo de Ramos = Palm Sunday

a Quaresma = Lent

a Ressurreição = Resurrection 

a Paixão de Cristo = The Passion of Christ

a Paz = Peace

Boa Páscoa!

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