2 Colloquial Expressions to Say Brand New in Portuguese

2 Colloquial Expressions to Say Brand New in Portuguese - Portuguese lesson

I remember that I learned the expression brand new from a song by Roberta Flack. This was many years ago and I was back in Brazil. My English was at its beginning years.

Do you know how to say brand new in Portuguese?  I will show you two colloquial expressions to say brand new in Portuguese. I will also show you how we talk about a brand new car.


Zero-bala is a street smart expression that means brand new.

For example:

  1. João comprou um carro zero-bala. = João bought a brand new car.
  2. Esse telefone é zero-bala. Comprei hoje. = This phone is brand new. I’ve just bought it today.
  3. Estou me sentindo zero-bala depois do feriado. = I’m feeling brand new after the holiday.

The expression zero-bala doesn’t change with gender or number.

Novo em Folha

Novo em folha also means brand new.

The word novo agrees in gender and number with the object that it refers to.

It’s also common to use the word novo in the diminutive.

For example:

  1. Gostou do meu vestido? É novinho em folha! = How do you like my dress? It’s brand new!
  2. Carla e João compraram dois carros novos em folha. – Carla and João bought two brand new cars.
  3. Joana tirou um cochilo e agora está se sentindo nova em folha. = Joana took a nap and now she is feeling brand new.

How to say a car is brand new

You can use zero-bala and novo em folha to say that a car is brand new.

We also commonly say that the car is zero quilômetro (zero kilometer), meaning that no kilometer (or mile) has been driven yet. In other words, it’s a brand new car.

We often write it 0 KM.