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Mundo Português Mobile Puppet Theater

The Revista Língua Portuguesa recently wrote a short piece on a puppet play called Mundo Português which talks about how Portuguese was spread throughout the world. In an interview I found on another site, the project coordinator says most kids don’t yet know that Portuguese is also spoken in other countries.

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The Making of Brasília

(Niemeyer and a model of Brasília)

It’s popular belief that Brasília is a “recent” construction, that it was built in 1956 and finished in 1960 and all thanks goes to then-president Kubitschek and architect Oscar Niemeyer (let’s not forget Lúcio Costa). The reality, though, is that Brasília was thought up in 1749 by the Portuguese Marquês de Pombal, or possibly by his cartographer who visited Goiás at the time.

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The Tijuca Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro – Our Little Secret

In my final months in Rio, I was living in the neighborhood of Tijuca which is in the North Zone of the city and basically behind downtown and Santa Teresa. Tijuca is like the Ipanema of the North Zone, which is not to say it’s an area for rich, white people but it is considered to be the best place to live when comparing it to other bairros of the Zona Norte.

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Serra do Roncador and The Lost City

In the middle of Mato Grosso there’s a mountain range called the Serra do Roncador, shrouded in mystery. In 1925, a British explorer by the name of Percy Fawcett went there on a spiritual journey in search of the lost city of Atlantis. He was never seen again (well, unless you count the fictionalized, reimagined version of Fawcett, better known as Indiana Jones).

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