Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation of the letter M at the end of words

The most popular greetings in Brazil are “tudo bem” and “tudo bom”. Learn how to say it like a Brazilian! Learn the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation of the letter M when it is at the end of the word or at the end of a syllable, as in “também”.

This video lesson is part of the Street Smart Brazil Portuguese Starter Kit. In this series we give you important Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation tips to improve your pronunciation whether you are just starting out with Portuguese or want to improve your advanced language skills.

Some of the examples I use in the lesson come from the following Brazilian songs:

Here is the video for this lesson:

Brazilian pronunciation of the letter M at the end of a word

Let me start with two very common words that are not in the songs:

The pronunciation trick here is that we do not close our lips to pronounce this M at the end of a word.

Regarding vocabulary, remember that bem = well and bom = good. I see fluent speakers of Portuguese using these words incorrectly. But it is easy to remember:

Let’s see a couple of examples. I can say:

The only situation in which we can use bem and bom interchangeably is in greetings. I can say:


Learn more about bem and bom! I have a lesson specifically on these words. Visit my lesson to avoid common mistakes.

Continuing with the pronunciation of the letter M, from the song Ao Meu Redor:

language book

From the song Águas de Março:

I encourage you to learn with songs. For great tips and strategies to learn language using music and other media resources, check out Susanna Zaraysky’s book Language is Music. It is available in EnglishSpanish, and Portuguese on

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