Brazilian Music: A Study on Music and Class

A new study by IBOPE, the national agency for statistics, is out in Brazil and it shows what percentage of poll responders listen to the same types of music. Perhaps more interesting than that, it ties socio-economic classes to certain kinds of music.

As for the percentages, at the top is sertanejo with 58% of listeners. This is followed by MPB (47%), samba/pagode (44%), forró (31%), rock (31%), electronic music (29%), gospel (29%), axé (26%), funk (17%), country (12%), classical (11%) and jazz/blues (9%).

The middle class listens to sertanejo and samba/pagode. MPB and rock are generally listened to by the upper class. Gospel and funk, however, are favored by the same socio-economic class (the poor).

What is your favorite kind of Brazilian music?