Brazilian Hollywood: Brazilian Actors in American Movies

In recent years, Hollywood has been taking a greater interest in Brazilian-born talent. While none of the Brazilian actors or actresses have seen their US careers take off yet, their presence on the big screens is pretty consistent. One actor and one actress stand out from the crowd.

Rodrigo Santoro

Perhaps best known in Brazil for the soap operas he’s done, as well as films like Brainstorm (Bicho de 7 Cabeças) and Behind the Sun (Abril Despedaçado). Outside of Brazil, he’s been in films such as Love Actually, 300 (and the upcoming sequel), the Che films and he even had a part in the last Arnold Schwarzenegger film, The Last Stand.

Alice Braga

Niece of Brazilian bombshell Sonia Braga, Alice has acted in Brazilian films like City of God (Cidade de Deus), Lower City (Cidade Baixa) and Drained (O Cheiro do Ralo), among others. These days, she’s shifting her focus to Hollywood and has acted alongside Will Smith in I Am Legend, Julianne Moore in Blindness, and Anthony Hopkins in The Rite. Soon, she’ll be appearing in the new sci-fi flick Elysium staring Matt Damon, and alongside fellow Brazilian actor Wagner Moura.

Keep an eye out for both of them in the cinemas!

PS: Rodrigo Santoro was also in an advert with Nicole Kidman. Did you recognize him?


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