Machado de Assis: a 19th Century Brazilian Writer Ahead of His Time

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One of these days a friend of mine posted something interesting on Facebook: a Woody Allen’s article where he picks his top five books and, among them, a renowned Brazilian writer. The novel Allen picked as one of his favorites was “Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas”, by Machado de Assis. The title literally translates as: The Posthumous Memories of Brás Cubas, and it is also known in English as Epitaph for a Small Winner (1881)

Eu amo o Rio de Janeiro

As many of you may already know, Rio is having horrible days of terror since this last week. The police has received the help of the Army to fight the wave of violent attacks promoted by the drug traffic leaders.

What seems different to me this time is that the violence now has happened in response to some reaction (finally!) by the government/police in handling the issue.

Linha de Passe : My personal impressions

Linha de Passe, a film directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas

Linha de Passe is a movie that shows the huge, depressing, and poisoning reality that is the lives of the majority of Brazilians, and the people of so many other third world countries. A reality where to keep one’s integrity is not only a difficult task… it is in fact an almost impossible one. It’s about this mother (Sandra Carveloni, Best actress in the 61th Cannes Festival 2008 – her first work in cinema) who struggles to keep her kids as a family within this unfair reality.

Is It Difficult to Learn Portuguese? An Interview with Seth Kugel

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I found this video on YouTube… American journalist Seth Kugel is interviewed by  vejapontocom (Veja is a Brazilian magazine and Vejapontocom is its YouTube channel) . Seth graduated in Political Science in Yale and has a master’s degree in Public Politics from Harvard. He has been writing for the New York Times since 1998, and also works as Brazil’s correspondent for the Global Post Agency.

The interview is divided in 3 videos:

Common Brazilian Portuguese Pleonasms

common Brazilian Portuguese pleonasms

Pleonasm is the same as redundancy. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pleonasm as “the use of more words than those necessary to denote mere sense (as in the man he said)”. Today I will show you a list of common Brazilian Portuguese pleonasms. Pleonasms are usually considered a bad quality of speech or writing, but they […]