Food vocabulary in Portuguese: Breakfast in Brazil

Food vocabulary in Portuguese - Breakfast in Brazil - Portuguese lesson

How fun to learn food vocabulary in Portuguese, right? I bet that you got hungry just by looking at the pictures above. In this Portuguese lesson you will learn the vocabulary you need to enjoy Breakfast in Brazil. Doctors say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We, Brazilians, agree. We do […]

Learn the Plural in Portuguese – Part 1

In Portuguese, there are several rules to form the plural of the words. It all depends on the word ending or the stressed syllable of each word. We will show you the main rules in a series of posts about this topic.

Learn Fruits in Portuguese with 40 Interactive Flashcards

fruits in portuguese - portuguese lesson - 40 flashcards

Spring is up and the warm weather makes me crave some cajá juice.

Now, you might be asking yourself what cajá is. I will tell you, it’s a delicious, small, oval-shaped, yellow fruit that makes refreshing juice and ice cream. I made some research and found out that in English cajá is called hog-plum.

Learn Colloquial Brazilian Portuguese: Are you on Pindaíba? How to say you are broke


 Never had I seen a pindaíba tree. On my latest trip to the South of Brazil, more specifically, to the state of Santa Catarina, I could finally see a real pindaíba tree. It’s a tall tree, reaches up to 60ft, and has a multi-lobed red colored fruit. This tree is on the endangered species list, but it will probably live forever on the minds of Brazilians because of a very street smart expression.