4 Brazilian Portuguese Expressions with the Verb Levar – Portuguese Lesson

4 Brazilian Portuguese Expressions with the Verb Levar – Portuguese Lesson

Today you will learn 4 commonly used Brazilian Portuguese expressions with the verb Levar. Learning idiomatic, commonly used expressions is key to speaking Portuguese naturally and expressing yourself efficiently.

The Verb Levar

Levar means: to take; to lead.

But there is a lot more to this verb as it is present in many different, commonly used expressions.

Levar is a regular verb ending in -AR.

You can find the conjugation of the verb Levar in all verb tenses here.

If you are not comfortable with verb conjugations, you need to visit my lesson on how to master verb conjugation. In the lesson, I show you how to approach any verb tense to conjugate regular verbs.

4 Brazilian Portuguese Expressions using the Verb Levar

Levar na brincadeira

Levar na brincadeira means:

  • To take something as a joke
  • To not take something seriously
  • To take it lightly

For example:


Às vezes eu me irrito com Daniel porque ele leva tudo na brincadeira.

= Sometimes I get annoyed with Daniel because he takes everything as a joke.


Não se zangue tão facilmente. Aprenda a levar certas coisas na brincadeira.

= Don’t get angry so easily. Learn to take certain things lightly.

Levar a sério

That is the opposite of levar na brincadeira.

Levar a sério means:

  • To take something or someone seriously

For example:


Você precisa me ouvir e me levar a sério!

= You need to listen to me and take me seriously!


Os pais se estressam quando os filhos não levam os estudos a sério.

= Parents get stressed when their children don’t take their studies seriously.

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Levar a cabo

Levar a cabo means:

  • To carry something out
  • To bring (a project, an activity) to completion
  • To bring something to fruition

For example:


Meu chefe me deu dois meses para levar o projeto a cabo.

= My boss gave me two months to carry out the project.


Você precisa ser mais persistente para levar a cabo seus planos de vida.

= You need to be more persistent to bring your life plans to fruition.

Levar um fora

Levar um fora means:

  • To be turned down
  • To be rejected
  • To be dumped
  • To get a rude negative answer

For example:


João convidou Mariana para ir ao cinema, mas levou um fora.

= João invited Mariana to go to the movies but got turned down.


Algumas pessoas são tão grosseiras! Perguntei se André queria ajuda, e levei um fora.

= Some people are so rude! I asked if André wanted help, and he turned me down in a rude manner.

Learn more about the verb Levar!

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Now you need to practice these expressions to make sure that you commit them to memory and to ensure that you know how to use them correctly.

The only way to become fluent in a language is to speak it! You need to practice your Portuguese in real life situations, carrying out natural conversations.

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