Street Smart Brazil

We are experts in the Brazilian language, culture, and lifestyle. We have experience living, learning, and working in Brazil.

Our mission is to help you gain the ability to communicate well in Portuguese and navigate the Brazilian culture with ease. Our passion is to offer learners a fun, challenging, and fulfilling learning experience.

Street Smart Brazil was founded in 2008 by Luciana Lage. With 10+ years of experience teaching Portuguese, Luciana created a unique approach to teaching Portuguese using original content, focusing on class customization, and emphasizing the cultural experience. Luciana Lage has taught Portuguese at University of California, Berkeley and University of San Francisco.

Enjoy the Street Smart Brazil quality:


  • We have excellent instructors who are highly trained to help you speak Portuguese fluently in any situation. Our excellent instructors are native Brazilian, college educated, fluent in English, and have work experience both in Brazil and abroad.
  • We use a communicative approach to teaching Portuguese making use of real-life situations to develop your ability to live and do business in Portuguese.
  • Our language programs are packed with cultural content and tips. After all, how effective is a foreign language speaker without cultural sensitivity?