What does Tudo Bem mean? How to Greet Your Friends in Portuguese


I am often asked:

  • What does tudo bem”mean?”

It is no surprise that this is a popular question. Your Brazilian friends likely greet you with “tudo bem?” on a daily basis. Let’s see what exactly tudo bem means and how you can answer the “tudo bem?” question.

In this lesson you will learn:

1.    Powerful pronunciation tips that will apply to all your Portuguese language journey

2.    What exactly tudo bem means. My goal is to help you interact with confidence with your Brazilian friends and colleagues

3.    How to answer the “tudo bem?” question in a Brazilian way

What does tudo mean?

Tudo = everything, all

When you sign up to the Street Smart Brazil Newsletter you get two free exclusive learning resources, and one of them is about how to use Tudo and Todo/Toda. They are not the same.

Additionally, please visit our lesson Roberto Carlos: Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs. We mention tudo there.

And what does bem mean?

Bem = well

It is an adverb.

Therefore, the literal translation is:

  • Tudo bem? = Everything well?

This is one of the most common ways to greet people in Brazil. You simply ask: Tudo bem? It is our equivalent to, “How are you?” and works both in person and over the phone, with friends and coworkers.

How about Tudo bom?

You will also hear the variation: Tudo bom?

Bom = good; it’s an adjective.

The literal translation is:

  • Tudo bom? = Everything good?

You can use bem and bom interchangeably in this specific greeting, but keep in mind that they are not the same thing and will not be used interchangeably in other situations. Bem = well. Bom = good.

 What does Tudo Bem mean? How to Greet Your Friends in Portuguese

How to reply to Tudo bem?

The most common way to answer is to simply say: Tudo.

You can also say: Tudo bem.

And you can be nice and ask back: E você? = And you?

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    Oi, tudo bem? I could not find the 55 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary that end with al on your blog. Which link do I click on? I love your lessons & web site. Muito Obrigado!


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