Using ‘A Gente’ – Make Your Portuguese Even Smarter – WITH VIDEO

To speak truly Street Smart Portuguese, you need to learn how to use ‘a gente’.

A gente = Nós = We, but you conjugate the verb in the singular, as you do for você, ele, and ela. 

In spoken Portuguese, we frequently use ‘a gente’.

Check out the examples below:

  • Nós falamos português.
  • A gente fala português.
  • (We speak Portuguese)
  • Nós andamos no parque com nosso cachorro.
  • A gente anda no parque com nosso cachorro.
  • (We walk in the park with our dog)
  • Nós gostamos de música brasileira.
  • A gente gosta de música brasileira.
  • (We like Brazilian music)


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