Learn How to Cook Brigadeiros

I recently published a post on Brazilian desserts and there I mentioned Brigadeiro. Well, now the whole Street Smart Brazil team has gotten together to show you how to cook Brigadeiro! And, yes, we ate it all at the end :) Continue reading for our video.

Brigadeiro is a soft chocolate sweet made with condensed milk and cocoa. It is present in every Brazilian birthday party. Every Brazilian knows brigadeiro, and everyone who tries it likes it.

It is easy to make brigadeiros, but it can be tricky to get the perfect consistency. Luckily, Street Smart Brazil professora Betânia has a few personal tricks that she is sharing with you in the video (at the bottom of this page).

Brigadeiro was created by the wife of Brigadeiro (Brigadier) Eduardo Gomes, who was a Presidential candidate in Brazil in the 1940s. His wife would cook the candies and serve them during their fundraising events. The guests loved the treat and soon enough people started asking: “Have you tried the Brigadeiro‘s candy? Where is the Bridagier’s candy?” And that is where the name Brigadeiro comes from.

Oiapoque ao ChuíBrazil is a large, very diverse country. We have different dance, music, and cuisine in different parts of the country. Brigadeiro has managed to be popular and to have its recipe unchanged throughout Brazil or, as we say there, from Oiapoque to Chuí. Oiapoque and Chuí are counties located at the extremes of Brazil, Oiapoque to the North and Chuí to the South.

We had a blast making this video for you :) The Brigadeiros came out oh so delicious! Let us know how your Brigadeiros turn out.

The video will give you detailed information on how to prepare your Brigadeiro. You will need:

  • 1 can of Leite Moça (sweet condensed milk)
  • 2 table spoons of cocoa power (You can use more cocoa, some recipes call for 4 spoons. You can also use chocolate powder in which case you need 7 spoons, but the Brigadeiros will be intensely sweet. With practice, you will find your own perfect recipe)
  • 4 tablespoons of butter
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • a non-stick pan
  • a wooden spoon
  • mini baking cups

 Cooking Instructions:

  • put roughly 2 tablespoons of butter to melt in the pan
  • set the stove top to medium-low
  • once the butter is melted, add a whole can of condensed milk
  • now you will add the chocolate; but wait, if you are using cocoa powder here is Betânia’s personal trick: get a glass with a bit of water and slowly add the cocoa while mixing it with the water; this is because cocoa powder does not dissolve very well in the condensed milk, so you want to totally dissolve it with a bit of water and then add the mixture to the condensed milk in the pan
  • stir with the wooden spoon; you will need to stir for at least 20 minutes and it can take as long as 40 minutes; stir in circular movements and make sure you get the Brigadeiro from the sides so it does not stick there and burn
  • the Brigadeiro will get thicker and thicker and will reduce in volume
  • you know it is ready when a) you divide it in half with the spoon and it stays parted for a few secondst and b) you scoop some brigadeiro with the wooden spoon, turn the spoon upside down, and it holds there for an instant before falling back into the pan; the video will show this!
  • when your Brigadeiro is ready, spread the content of the pan on a plate and put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes; you want it nice and firm before you roll it in balls
  • to make the little balls, spread a little bit of butter in your hands and make sure to get your fingers; using a small spoon, scoop some Brigadeiro, put it in your hands, and roll it in a little ball
  • roll the ball on the chocolate sprinkles to cover it completely
  • place your brigadeiro in a banking cup
  • repeat–should yield about 25 Brigadeiros
  • put Brigadeiros in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes to make them firmer
  • they are ready :) Bom apetite!

We would like to thank Mercado Brasil for donating the ingredients for our cooking afternoon. Mercado Brasil is a Brazilian store in the Mission District here in San Francisco. They have a great variety of products including clothing, DVDs, chocolates, coffee, guaraná, and many other food items.

If you like desserts, you need to check out our post about Desserts from Recife, Pernambuco. Some of my personal favorites are there :)

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Photo Credit:

Brigadeiro picture by Rodrigo Senna on Flickrs Creative Commons


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  1. Beatriz Rocha says

    This is my fav sweet recipe and it tastes like childhood :) Idk how people in other countries can live without it (i’m from Brazil) haha. Everyone should try this one bc is awesome and pretty easy

  2. mag says

    bregaderios is kind off new stuff that I recently came across. This is an Italian food stuff and here I got the best cooking instruction for this. Brazilian food stuffs are always favs for many people. I like ti read on more on new stuffs.


  3. vaultkeeper7 says

    Brigadeiro looks delicious. I love sweets and creams made out of chocolate and I’m sure I would love this one too. I asked my mom to make it for me. The tutorial video really helped, can’t wait to have it. Thanks from spywareutility.com

  4. andrade91 says

    Hi I’m doing a project on Brazil, and am wanting to make Brigadeiros for my class.  I was just wondering what size of sweet condensed milk you use? These look sooo delicious and you did an excellent job showing every aspect in the video, but I just need to know the size of the can. It looked to be a 14oz can, but I just want to make sure! Thanks once again for the great video!

    • Nathalia says

      (brazilian here) Yeah, you should definitely go for a 14 ounce one. Hope they all taste great! cheers

  5. jamsbond3 says

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  6. Vanessa Agra says

    Thank you Bengy!

    Cool that your friends liked brigadeiros!!! They are definetely the stars in any Brazilian home or birthday party!!!

    Last year, Luciana posted another one that you might like! (if you haven’t seen it yet!) 

    It is called “Desserts from Recife, Pernambuco – Brazil“. Check it out!



  7. Bengy says

    As a single guy, cooking wasn’t really a requirement. So whatever fast food was close by or whatever I could snag from the vending machine was the extent that I took to feed myself.  Then it all clicked for me, I started taking the time and finding recipes that I liked and started making some really great meals that I could share with my friends.  I found this recipe and made it last week, my friends haven’t stopped talking about it, in fact they wan’t me to start adding more Brazilian recipes to my list.  Haha, thanks for the awesome recipe!

  8. Viao says

    Well this is really nice desert difficult to make and also difficult to pronounce. Moreover the desert looks fantastic and I have never heard about this desert. After reading the article given above I want to try and make this desert. As my big brother is getting married next month and above all Wedding Favors sweets and deserts and Brigadeiros would be a great idea. Thank you for the update look forward to try this recipe.

  9. Luciana Lage says

    Thank you for your post. Brigadeiro is truly delicious. And so is pão de queijo.

    I am afraid you forgot to post the link to your video making the brigadeiros. Instead there was a link to unrelated services, so I went ahead and deleted it.

    Please share your brigadeiro video with us!

  10. donaldjeo says

    I learned how to make a delicious Brazilian chocolate truffle called Brigadeiro from a Brazilian friend Yuri when I went to the University of Cambridge. My husband was definitely impressed that I already know how to make brigadeiro before I met him (and you would never believe how super easy and impressive looking this recipe is)! Here is a video of how to make Brigadeiro, made by your truly! My first step in learning how to cook Brazilian Food was to get a wonderful book called Brazil: A Cook’s Tour by Christopher Idone, (content deleted) to begin cooking away! I have made Brazil’s national lime drink called Caipirinha, Brazilian black beans called Feijoada and really amazing Brazilian cheese rolls or cheese bread bites called Pao de Queijo.

  11. Fort Lauderdale catering says

    It was so generous of you to share your knowledge on how to cook Brigadeiros. There are those who enjoy eating various kinds of dishes but are not simply contented on ordering them in their favorite restaurants or Fort Lauderdale catering services 9for example) – they want to put their cooking skills to the test by learning how to cook it on their own which is a good thing.

  12. Sandrin says

    Thanks a lot for the video. As for me, I like to cook but I’ve never tried anything from Brazilian cuisine. I’ve found lots of cookery books at shared files SE http://filecraft.com and cook from them from time to time but I’ve never met Brazilian deserts there. I think it is time to prepare something. To tell the truth, I’m a sweet tooth and I love cakes with cocoa. I think this recipe is just for me. I’m  already feel how deliciously it smells.

  13. Renata Barboza-Murray says

    Oi Sandrin

    Please try it out and let us know how you like it. I bet you will get addicted to brigadeiro!

    I especially like to eat it on a cold, rainy night. The whole process of cooking it and then eating it makes my night!!

    I will look for other sweet recepies to post here very soon. :)



  14. maggiefox says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with your readers. Though I am not living in that part of the world but I do share your enthusiasm to cook different varieties of food. The video is excellent.


  15. Luciana LageLuciana Lage says

    Maggie, obrigada for your comment. I am glad to know that you enjoyed the recipe. Have you tried it? I would love to hear how you liked brigadeiro!

  16. mouver says

    I’m making these as part of a christmas gift, and your video helped heaps! Hope the new year brings you crazy good things.

  17. Sean Davis says

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  18. Rimao says

     I love cooking and trying new recipe. I have tried a lot of recipe, but this one is new. I haven’t heard this name Brigadeiro in my entire life. Well this recipe seems interesting yet difficult as well. I have tried this recipe at my home, but couldn’t make it. Again, I am trying to make it. Hope this time I will get succeed. Whether I will get succeed or not I will definitely tell you. Please do give another recipe as well so that we can try new recipe at our home. And keep up the good things.


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