How Brazilians Wear Their Wedding Bands


Do Brazilians wear their wedding bands on their right or left hand? Does it differ for men and women? I just got these great questions from N da Silva, a member of the Street Smart Brazil Facebook community.

A wedding band is an “aliança”. The ring finger is the same as it is in the US.

When Brazilians get engaged, both man and woman wear their aliança on the ring finger of the right hand. When they get married, the aliança is transferred to the left hand. Usually the couple has a matching set of alianças.

Before the engagement, the man may give an “anel de compromisso” to his girlfriend. This ring indicates commitment, but does not mean they are engaged. Usually only the woman wears the anel de compromisso on her right hand ring finger. This commitment ring usually has precious stones.

Engagement Vocabulary:

Portuguese English
Noivar To get engaged
Ficar noivo/a To get engaged
O noivado The engament
O noivo Fiance; groom
A noiva Fiancée; bride
O vestido de noiva The wedding gown
O anel de compromisso;
a aliança de comprossimo
Commitment ring
Casar-se To get married
Casado/a Married
O casamento Wedding; marriage


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