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Full Brazilian Movies on Youtube


June 19 is Dia do Cinema Brasileiro (Day of the Brazilian Cinema). The date was created to celebrate the rebirth of our amazing movie industry and the incredible films that it continues to gift us with. Below  you will find a list of additional resources to learn more about Brazilian cinema and 10 full movies that are available on Youtube. READ MORE>

Colloquial Portuguese from the Headlines: Livrar a cara


Josh, from our Facebook community, asked a good question: “What does ‘livrar a cara’ mean?”

Lately this expression has been very present in news articles about Brazilian politics. Everyone in Brazil is now discussing the newest huge corruption scandal: CPI do Cachoeira. READ MORE>

Dia dos Namorados: June 12, Valentine's Day in Brazil


June 12 is Dia dos Namorados (Valentine’s) in Brazil. To celebrate, couples gift each other and go out for a romantic dinner. It is a fun night for singles, too. Lots of bars and clubs host a special singles’ night with events and games to help you find your next date :) READ MORE>

Roberto Carlos: Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs - Video 6

Susanna and I are very happy with the feedback that our series Learn Brazilian Portuguese with Songs has been getting from learners of Portuguese all over the world. Muito obrigada!

This lesson uses the song Amigo by Brazilian super star Roberto Carlos. Roberto Carlos became popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s when he was one of the main figures of the Jovem Guarda (Young Guard) music movement in Brazil. Yes, he has been performing for over 50 years and his concerts continue to attract huge crowds in Brazil and in the world. His end-of-the-year concert produced with TV channel Rede Globo has become a Brazilian tradition. READ MORE>

Useful Business Vocabulary


I confess: I recently fell in love with very short and (hopefully) useful blog posts. I thought I’d share this comic strip with you. I feel that sooner or later you will be happy to have this vocabulary in your repertoire :) READ MORE>

Let's have "um drinque"

You might have noticed that some English words are "aportuguesadas", that is, we create the Portuguese version of the English word. A good example is:

  • a drink (noun) = um drinque

Pronunciation tip: Place the emphasis on the 1st syllable and pronounce the final "e". We don’t have stop consonants in Brazilian Portuguese. READ MORE>

Get Our Flashcards App on Your Kindle Fire

I have great news: Set 1 of our Flashcards App is available for your Kindle Fire. And it is FREE!

To download our Flashcards App to your Kindle, click here to go to our page on the Amazon Appstore. 

Or you can do everything directly from your Kindle: READ MORE>

Conversation Class with Luciana Lage, June 18

First Roda de Português is coming up!

Monday June 18, with Luciana Lage - Register now



Getting a Cab at Recife's Airport: Street Smart Tip


When exiting the airport in Recife, you will see a uniformed lady asking if you need a taxi. She will direct you to a line of cabs right outside the door. If you look carefully, you will see that they say “Táxi Especial” or “Táxi Aeroporto”. That means you are going to pay more for that ride. But you don’t have to pay more. READ MORE>

Beyond Borders: Interview with Carol Freire


I recently had the pleasure to talk with Carol Freire author of the novel Além das Fronteiras (Beyond Borders) about the joys and challenges of Luna, a Brazilian woman who lives her life between different countries. In this interview, Carol talks about the book, her own experiences immigrating from Brasil to the US, and the challenges of adapting to different cultures while honoring our cultural identity.

Check out the interview below and learn how to enter for a chance to win a copy of the book. Our conversation was in Portuguese. The transcript is right below the video. READ MORE>

If you are ready to speak Portuguese, book your 30-minute demo class or email us for more info.